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The world of content marketing is changing. In the past, providing content was a key obstacle many organizations faced in promoting their brand. Today, the competition to get your content in front of your target prospect has increased exponentially. The world, including the internet, is inundated with content; it’s everywhere.

In the history of the modern world, there has never been such competition for eyeballs. However, there is an emerging strategy necessary for your content becoming visible. This strategy is called intention-based content marketing. It’s based on optimization of your content using the intention of the searcher (or prospect). As you increase the intention-based content in your marketing, your content will increase in both its visibility and impact. Learn about this advanced content marketing strategy with Intentional.Media. Intention-based marketing is at Intentional.Media’s core ranging from intention-based content marketing to intention-based paid online advertising.

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    Core Services:
  • Article writing
  • Blogging
  • Sales funnel strategy
  • Email marketing
  • Tripwire reports
  • Lead magnets
  • And more!

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