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Data Analytics

Leverage data analytics to increase the ROI
of every marketing dollar spent

Intentional.Media is backed by up to 1,000 data points per household. The data and analytical focus of the company allows for advanced ad spend optimization for B to C companies. At the same time, this analytical focus has also enabled our team to deliver exceptional results for B to B companies. Most companies and advertisers don’t have this type of laser-focus on data and results.

When added together, Intentional.Media has access to over 1 trillion pieces of consumer data. Until recently, typically only Fortune 500 companies had access to this type of data. Now, Intentional.Media is helping to bring this same data advantage to numerous other companies. It is our goal to help smaller companies compete with much larger competitors. It is the ongoing strategy of our team to leverage data to help organizations of all sizes compete regardless of the size of their competitors. Get access to advanced analytical strategies that will optimize your results, outsmart competitors, gain more clients, and drive sales.

Your company will be able to tap into advanced analytical strategies. Imagine this data being matched and evaluated against the entire U.S. household data file when planning advertising campaigns. When you combine these strategies with Intentional.Media’s advertising expertise, you will get insight showing you how to grow sales, reduce advertising expenses, and outsmart your competition. Best of all, through the application of these advanced data techniques, you can more effectively increase the ROI of your ad spend again and again.

    Analytics Services:
  • Research – Database Analysis
  • Psychographic Database Analysis
  • Ideal Customer Profiling
  • Creation of Customer Avatars
  • Market Analysis using Demographic Data
  • Audience Segmentation
  • Geo-Targeting
  • Channel Preference of Identified Audience
  • Customer Segmentation for Increasing Response Rates
  • Advanced Customer Research

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Intentional.Media offers advanced Social Media leveraging data analytics. Ask about integrating data analytics with social media.