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Whether you’re planning a new campaign, want to lower costs, or increase sales for an existing campaign, the team at Intentional.Media has a proven track record of delivering results. Analytics, including up 1,000 data points per household, can be leveraged to increase results.

Google® has recognized the team backing Intentional.Media for its performance…

During the process of evaluating your current strategy, we will also show you as the part of the process the recognition given to our team by Google. We have access to special “beta” features for AdWords®, and these “beta” features will be used to leverage the performance of your account.

Intentional.Media recognizes that every campaign starts small.

You will receive recommendations of where to allocate your ad spend and what level of spend will be needed to launch a campaign. There are multiple opportunities for online ad spend, and you will receive expert advice on the allocation of your budget or what it takes to launch a campaign based on the competition level in your target market.

Intentional.Media can help you whether you already have a large ad spend or want to dominate a market…

If you need to find a team with experience in managing multi-million dollar campaigns, you have come to the right place. Or, if your campaign is just getting started but you want to dominate your market, Intentional.Media can provide you with recommendations. Intentional.Media’s pricing is setup recognizing that every campaign starts small and tomorrow’s largest campaigns may presently have smaller budgets.

From AdWords to Facebook marketing, Intentional.Media is focused on increasing your ROI

With a highly analytical yet creative team that has excelled in paid advertising for years, along with access to beta features in Adwords®, the Intentional.Media team gets pretty competitive, while still having fun, and producing exciting results. When you choose Intentional Media, you’ll discover strategies and techniques that will enable you to outsmart the competition and reach your targets. Get ready to rethink your sales goals – we’ll help you reach new levels.

    Core Services:
  • Ask us about a FREE Adwords audit
  • Advanced Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising
  • Google Analytics
  • Paid Traffic Account Audits
  • 2nd Tier Paid Search Engines (including “beta” features)
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Display Advertising
  • Retargeting
  • Landing page development and optimization
  • Advanced Paid Search
  • Geo-Targeted Paid Search

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Intentional.Media offers advanced Social Media leveraging data analytics. Ask about integrating data analytics with social media.