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Social Media

Increase your sales and ROI with advanced social media leveraging data analytics

Social Media

Intentional.Media provides complete done-for-you social media strategies including content creation in your brand’s voice. Every social media engagement starts with a strategy architecture and brand voice assessment and planning.

With the ever-increasing focus on social media as a core component in the decision making process, it is important to leverage social media for your brand’s success instead of lackluster social media that can diminish the value of your brand.

The exact mix of social channels and the emphasis on each social channel varies from brand to brand. Through strategy and analysis of data, the right mix of social channels and emphasis is recommended for each particular brand. Our team has experience ranging from heavily regulated B-to-B industries to the promotion of consumer brands.

With Intentional.Media’s focus on data, data analytics, and ROI, this focus impacts the company’s approach to social media. Our team puts a unique focus on leveraging business results and ROI as part of a social media engagement while also leveraging social media to increase the strength of your overall brand.

Intentional.Media is committed to delivering top-notch results for every client, every hour of every day from social media to paid advertising. When you work with Intentional Media, you will find a marketing partner committed to building your brand and your ROI. Intentional.Media doesn’t just take the standard “flat” approach when it comes to social media marketing. Instead, we believe many companies are under-tapping the ROI benefits of social media. With ROI-focused social, more of your target prospects and ideal customers will identified and integrated into your sales funnel. Your company will discover more ways to leverage advanced data analytics with Intentional.Media’s ROI-focused social media.

    Core Services:
  • Social Media
  • Reputation Management
  • Mobile/ SMS optin campaigns
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and more
  • Viral Video
  • Public Relations
  • IP Targeted Display Advertising

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Move Your Social Media to a New Level!

Intentional.Media offers advanced Social Media leveraging data analytics. Ask about integrating data analytics with social media.