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Our Team

Get to Know our Team

When you work with Intentional.Media, you'll tap into talent from top advertisers and marketers. Backed by a team of over 70, Intentional.Media is big enough to service your needs but small enough to provide you with personalized service and exceptional results. Our team members have worked with small clients as well as large companies with recognized names. Regardless of your size or sales volume, we're committed to giving you the attention you deserve and delivering results... every single time.

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Our Services

Our Services

We offer the usual services like Paid Search, SEO, Content Marketing, and more. At the same time we incorporate more advanced techniques by integrating sales funnels and data analytics to drive your business results higher. We’re passionate about it all and we love creating fusion between multiple approaches and digging deep to make every effort that much more effective and drive performance and results to new levels. The people on our team are driven, and have amazing results to back up their experience… we’re passionate about delivering that same level of service to every client, every time.

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Our Approach

Our Approach

Intentional.Media is committed to giving every client and every effort personalized, customized attention. Our clients aren’t just numbers or accounts. When you work with Intentional.Media, we get personal and build a strong bond. That bond, combined with the experience and expertise of our team, helps us craft amazing efforts with amazing results that you won’t get with just any agency.

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Intentional.Media offers advanced Social Media leveraging data analytics. Ask about integrating data analytics with social media.